More safety with a reclining shower chair

​With increased safety and comfort a reclining shower chair can make the visit or stay at a hospital or elderly home a more comforting and liveable experience. With the addition of shower chairs into the workplaces of both hospitals and care homes, the matter of hygiene becomes much more manageable. They help ease the burden for nurses and caretakers that help patients and elderly with getting clean while also making the heavy lifting somewhat easier and less straining for the body.

 Like much​ other equipment found in hospitals and elderly homes, the reclining shower chair is meant to help assure the wellbeing and the comfort of patients and elderly. But as previously mentioned it also makes work less draining for caretakers and reduce the risk for work-related injuries and accidents.

Procuring from the right company

You can procure a reclining shower chair from TR Equipment, a company that specialises in making products for hospitals and aged care facilities. Their products range from shower chairs to bathtubs and patient lifts that all help make hygiene more pleasant for all parties involved. 

Through quality and low cost of ownership they provide affordable equipment well suited for the tasks they're built for. Safety and simplicity are the focus in the designs of their products. 

​​​Regardless of what you might need for your hospital or elderly home, TR Equipment likely have what you need and getting a reclining shower chair is a sound investment that will last you for a long time.​