Why c fold wipes?

​Should you get c fold wipes? If you're a company? Yes. If you're a private person? Maybe. They're a simple thing that still are effective enough for their designed purpose on top of being affordable. They're one use wipes that are usually made from paper or airlaid depending on what level of strength and absorption you require from them. The c fold wipes of paper are course are the cheapest ones and a common sight in public bathrooms as well as industries. They serve their intended purpose just fine, as they generally are used to clean your hands or wipe a surface from liquids. Obviously, the low cost means you'll see them everywhere and you most likely have used them many times before in your life. The airlaid wipes on the other hand are of a higher standard, though they are still one time use.

With strong qualities

The airfold c fold wipes have strong absorption qualities and are used in other situations such as baby and beauty care rather than public toilets. Though they are used for personal hygiene as well, just that they are used for more than just the hands in this case. Generally the paper wipes are easy to get and can even be found in some regular stores, as are the airfold ones I believe and generally for affordable prices. One of the manufacturers for the airfold wipes are Finess Hygiene whom produce hygiene products, mainly for companies and hospitals but some are for regular folks as well.​